• ChangeLog for 08/24/12

    Today we’re announcing the release of a brand new feature: our Tagged API, which allows developers to find posts based on their tags.

    Lets take a look at an example with the gif tag.


    The response will be a pay load of post objects that have been most recently added to that tag.

    Pagination is taken care of by the “before” parameter. This is the timestamp that is returned from one of the post objects in the pay load. Lets look at an example of pagination.


    Note: You have to be authenticated with OAuth to access certain tags that are considered adult in nature.

    As always our inbox is always open or join our Forum if you have any questions.

  • ChangeLog for 08/13/12

    With access to private posts & blogs being released last week, we decided to add a field called state which indicates the state the current post is in. This field will be available on the /post, /queue and /draft routes as part of the response object for posts.

    As a side related fix to this, we have added the ability for you to create a private post by using the state parameter with the value of private.

    Documentation has been updated here.

    As always, feel free to drop a note to our Asks if you have any questions or issues!

  • ChangeLog for the Week of 08/07/12

    This week we have a few new features to announce for developers!

    First up, We have added the ability for applications to access private blogs & posts for a user when sending a fully authenticated request to /posts and /user/info. This has been one of most requested features on the API Forum, so we’re excited to release it to you all. The full documentation is currently up and available here.

    Here are a few other documentation tweaks that have gone up:

    • Liked - A Boolean field that tells you if the currently authenticated user has liked a post.
    • Queued Docs - Updates to pagination documentation.
    • Submissions Docs - Updates to pagination documentation.

    We also want to let you know that we’ve opened up Asks and we’re more than happy to help field any problems or questions you may have!