• Welcome to the official Tumblr Developers Blog

    Our developer community is hugely important to us and we’re thrilled to finally have a “home” to share news and be more transparent with all of you. Here you will find changelogs, announcements, and highlights from our developer community.

    To kick this off, an update on our API.

    It’s been a little over a year since our introduction of API v2 and it’s been amazing to see the massive adoption since then. Great companies have used the API to create beautiful new interfaces and integrations with Tumblr. We’ve even started using API v2 to create our own native applications on iOS and Android to give you the power of Tumblr on the go. The resounding success of API v2 is one of the things that prompted us to create the very blog you’re reading. We’ll also start creating beta features such as OAuth 2.0 for all API v2 requests.

    Now that v2 has reached stability & maturity, this also means it’s time for us to begin to phase out API v1. We will be phasing out all authenticated requests for API v1, while leaving in place all unauthenticated reads. The current date for the phase out of authenticated reads for v1 will tentatively be September 1st, 2012.

    We thank all of you for continuing to use the API and building some of the most innovative applications that help us follow the world’s creators. As always, your thoughts and feedback are welcome. Please feel free to comment here or on the Google Group.